Obama neighbors sell houses: next door to the former president, but the house can not sell!

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Shortly after taking office, Obama left his home in Chicago, accompanied by his wife Michel and his two daughters in the White House. Facing several media interviews, Obama expressed his passion that he was very fond of the old house in Hyde Park, Chicago, and he would take his family back to live after the term was full. The news made Bill unhappy because he was Obama’s old neighbor.

A few years ago, Bill made a bet with people that he promised to be a millionaire by 2010 and only 1 years left, and his goal was far from being achieved. Now, the opportunity has come at last. His house is a hundred times the price of Obama. It’s a rare thing to be a neighbor to one of the most famous figures in the world, President Obama. So he gave his house to the intermediary company with hope.

In order to sell his house, Bill also built a website with a full description of his house: the house has 17 rooms, nearly 600 square meters, very practical and comfortable. What’s more, Obama has been here many times and has taken a campaign advertisement in front of his fireplace. This is a house that has been loaded into history. Bill believes that with these selling points, his house will be able to sell for a high price of more than 3 million dollars.

Not surprisingly, there are hundreds of thousands of people clicking on the web site, but Bill’s surprise is that there are many people who pay attention to the house, but no one is willing to buy it. What is the reason for buyers to look at the room?

In order to find out what was going on, Bill carefully looked at the message on the website. It turned out that everyone feared that after buying his house, they would live under tight supervision. Yes, Obama and his wife and daughter all went to the White House, but there were still a number of agents protecting the rest of Obama’s family, and the public places in the neighborhood were covered by a dense camera. Privacy can hardly be protected if we leave home.

What’s more, when Obama comes back, the reporters will rush to come. At that time, the life of the neighbors will be more seriously disturbed. At that time, I am afraid I will be examined and questioned by security guards and secret agents like prisoners. What’s the difference between a living environment and a prison? Even my friends are afraid to come home for fear of trouble.


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